Woah hey! 

It’s been a little while since we’ve updated.  What with shaky internet connections and all. 

We arrived in Cairo on Nov. 16th from Casablanca.  We cruised around Cairo for a few days then headed west to Alexandria and then further on to Siwa Oasis where we stayed for 4 days to check out the desert and laze in the sun.  We then made our way south down the Nile to Aswan on an overnight sleeper train where we are now. 

We’ve seen some crazy classic Egyptian sights and monuments so far, had our minds blown by the landscape and encountered all manner of people along the way and most of all are still having all kinds of good humored fun!

Tomorrow we board a cruise heading north to Luxor where we will be for the next few days.  I have really been terrible about updating this blog but I do get a chance every few days to write an email and send it out just to let people know where we are.  If you don’t already receive this email but want to just send Alicia an email at aliciacamarta@gmail.com and she’ll add you to it. 

We also managed to upload a few new pictures to flickr at www.flickr.com/photos/savins

That’s all for now, hope all is well and see you all soon!

Alex and Alicia



Ddk, you got the story you wanted.  Alicia was violently ill yesterday and I had massive diarrhea.  Scratch that, HAVE. 

Thankfully we were feeling better today because we had a cooking course booked this morning.  Wouldn’t have looked so good had Alicia barfed into the Tagine. 

We are taking a bus to another town tomorrow, Chefchaouen, where we will be for the next two nights.  I’ll try and upload a few more pictures to www.flickr.com/photos/savins

There’s a one day gap in our picture taking due to the fact that we didn’t leave our bed all day.  At least it was a very comfortable bed. 

Bye for now!


in Marrakesh

Sorry no pictures at the moment!  This blog has been hellish to update.  Weve been to a few different places since Essaouira, but sadly peoples’ internet connections make this wordpress site run like sludge. 

Still having all kinds of fun. This city is pretty itense, tons to see, the roads make no sense, getting lost is pretty much an inevitability!  Alicia got assaulted by a henna tattoo lady in the djemma al fna square, who then demanded the equivelent of about 75 bucks!  we shoved a few coins her way and made off like bats out of hell while she complained and tried extracting more money from us.  A common scenario with many of our street encounters so far!

Anyway, updates few and far between but thanks for all your comments, a couple days here then a 5 day trek into the Atlas mountains with a guide to take us to peaks and valleys and berber villages. 

Until next time!

Alex and Alicia



We got into Essaouira yesterday afternoon and made our way into the medina from the bus station. It was a spacey feeling getting off the day-long bus ride and shuffling through town with our packs having only the vaguest idea of where to go while having people pull you in a dozen directions as you’re trying to navigate the crowded streets! The Riad we wanted was full so the owner walked us further and showed us a two bedroom apartment for the same price which we took for the night.

Alicia has been really good at navigating us through the medina streets and I’ve been great at going the wrong way at every turn. As always we are eating excellently and often. We found a new Riad to stay in tonight and will be leaving for Agadir tomorrow afternoon.

Our apartment the first night.




Es salaam alaykum!

After 26 hours of bent-leg sitting, airport loitering, and airplane seat soft-bum, we arrived in Casablanca.  A young driver picked us up at the airport, took us half way to the hotel and another driver took us the rest of the way. 

We are staying in a little hotel in the heart of town called Hotel Guynemer.  It’s pretty bare-bones but the room is clean and the staff is extremely friendly.  The size of the room is remeniscent of hotels in Europe.  One step to the right and you’re in the shower, one to the left and you’ll be ankle deep in toilet water.  Fall directly backwards on to your bed.  Good night.

We joined a three hour tour of the city this morning with five other Australians staying at the hotel.  We visited the Hassan II Mosque, drove through a few poor neighborhoods, drove through a few rich neighborhoods, walked along the beach front where we saw more-or-less empty beach front resorts and a group of diligent surfers bobbing in the waves. 

Tomorrow at 7am we will be bussing it south for seven hours to the coastal city of Essaouira, where we will be mucking around for the next few days.

We are safe, we are having a lot of fun so far, and we miss you all!

Until our next internet connection!


Alicia’s two favorite things on a plane:  Wine and Tetris!


We’re leaving Monday!

After much planning we’re finally leaving on our Moroccan adventure!  We will be flyng into Casablanca via Paris and Amsterdam on the 19th.

We’ll try to update this thing whenever we have a chance so everyone can check out where we are and what we’re up to.  But it’ll probably end up being pictures of what we just ate.  Since that’s what most of our pictures  end up being of!

See you all in a few months!



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